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JetBlue – TrueBlue Overview

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JetBlue Airways  is the seventh largest Airline in North America by passengers carried – and if the merger with Spirit goes through, they’ll become the fifth.  Below we will breakdown how the new TrueBlue Rewards program works and an overview of Mosaic elite status levels.

TrueBlue Rewards

TrueBlue Rewards program now a full-fledged loyalty program with multiple elite levels and choice benefits called “Perks you Pick.” There’s no cost to join and no redemption blackout dates and points never expire. Additional benefits include:

  • You can pool points with family and friends
  • All reservations booked with points are refundable.
  • If there is a seat available to pay with cash, you can purchase that seat with points.
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard.

The average amount of TrueBlue points needed for a free flight is between 29,000 to 65,000. Of course this estimate fluctuates based on where you are traveling from, your final destination, peak traveling dates — ultimately it’s based on the actual fares being charged on the cash side of things.

Earning points is based on the amount you spend on your fare. The multiple of points per dollar ranges from 1 to 15 points per dollar and is based on fare class, Mosaic status level, and if you’re a JetBlue credit cardholder – the type of card you have.

What JetBlue Says About Sustainability

JetBlue has set their target for net zero carbon emissions by 2040 — a full decade earlier than most other industry leaders.

“In September 2019, Amazon and Global Optimism co-founded The Climate Pledge, a commitment to meet The Paris Agreement’s net zero target 10 years early by 2040. In 2020, JetBlue became the inaugural airline to join the pledge, alongside a handful of large companies including Best Buy, Mercedes-Benz, Uber, and Verizon.” —

For more information about JetBlue’s commitment to climate:

Get more info about JetBlue’s commitment to overall sustainability here.


Tiles are the way JetBlue tracks your progress towards Mosaic status – these used to be called Mosaic Qualifying Points (MQPs), but things have recently changed. Now, as you earn Tiles – which are earned at a rate of 1 tile per $100 spent on JetBlue (including JetBlue Vacations, American Airlines operated flights, JetBlue fees, and seat purchases). Additionally, you can earn 1 tile for every $1,000 spent on a JetBlue credit card.

As you earn your first 50 tiles, you earn rewards along the way – not just progress toward Mosaic status (but you’re doing that too). At each 10-tile increment of earning you can select from a variety of rewards including:

  • Early boarding
  • Priority Security
  • A free alcoholic drink (one per flight)
  • JetBlue Vacation bonus (2x points on a single vacation package purchase)
  • 5,000 TrueBlue bonus points

Keep in mind that you cannot re-select a perk you’ve already earned at a previous tile increment. And you must login to your account and select a perk to receive it (unless you reach any level of Mosaic status at which point they’ll be granted automatically) — perks expire at the end of the year following your earning it. So if you earn 30 tiles by December of 2023, you have until the end of 2024 to select your 3 rewards.

At Mosaic 3 status level you receive four “Move to Mint” certificates that let you book in back and then move to Mint at no charge (if Mint is available) — Photo of JetBlue’s Mint Suite courtesy of JetBlue.

Mosaic Status

JetBlue offers four tiers of Mosaic to frequent flyers dubbed Mosaic 1, Mosaic 2, Mosaic 3 and… you guessed it — Mosaic 4. And at each increment you get to choose from another menu of “Mosaic Perks you Pick” in addition to earning perks that are included at each level.

Mosaic Perks you Pick

Pick one of these perks when you reach each level of Mosaic status. Once again, there is no repeating perks — so you can’t just stock up on tiles each time you reach a new status level (but you could wait and select that perk in the next year and get a boost towards Mosaic re-qualification). But if you travel often with a pet – that pet fee waiver looks like a deal!

  • Pet Fee Waiver ($125 value per flight)
  • 20-Tile bonus for you or a person of your choosing
  • 15,000 TrueBlue bonus points
  • Mint Suite Priority – Priority access to Mint Suite selection on certain aircraft (pending availability)
  • FoundersCard Blue Membership — a club that grants select travel, business and lifestyle benefits. A stripped down version of the FoundersCard membership called “FoundersCard Blue”.
  • A $99 Statement Credit on JetBlue Plus or Business Card credit cards.

Mosaic 1

After earning 50 tiles you will be eligible for all the Mosaic 1 “Signature Perks”:

  • Extra 3X points bonus.
  • Free same day switches on all fares for you and an eligible companions on the same itinerary.
  • First 2 checked bags are free for you an eligible travel companions and 1 free carry-on bag including a personal item.
  • Free wine, beer and liquor on all flights (if you’re age 21+).
  • Free Even More space seat on your flight pending availability at check-in.
  • Mosaic early boarding access with a dedicated boarding lane at selected airports as well as access to expedited security lanes
  • Dedicated Mosaic check-in desks.
  • Free Heathrow Express upgrades.

Mosaic 2

At this level (achieved after earning 100 tiles) you get all Mosaic 1 “Signature Perks” plus:

  • Even More Space at no extra charge at time of booking on every JetBlue flight (if available when booking)

Mosaic 3

At this level (achieved after earning 150 tiles) you get all Mosaic 1 & 2 “Signature Perks” plus:

  • Four “Move to Mint” certificates that let you book in back and then move to Mint at no charge (if Mint is available)

Mosaic 4

At this level (achieved after earning 250 tiles) you get all Mosaic 1, 2 & 3 “Signature Perks” plus:

  • Four one-way credits for BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan & JFK or EWR.
  • Two additional Move to Mint certificates.


You can earn but not redeem TrueBlue points on these JetBlue Airlines partners:

  • American Airlines
  • Icelandair
  • Qatar
  • South African Airways
  • Emirates
  • Silver Airways
  • Hawaiian Airlines, which is the only airline that allows you to redeem TrueBlue points for another carriers flights.

TrueBlue Rewards program is great for frequent JetBlue fliers. And even if you don’t fly them that frequently, there’s some value in earning tiles since you now get rewards at each 10-tile interval while progressing toward Mosaic status. Additionally, due to JetBlue’s partnership with American Airlines, once you’ve earned Mosaic status, you get reciprocal benefits when flying AA like 2 free checked bags, free Main Cabin Extra, same-day flight change, priority security & boarding. And when you book AA flights via JetBlue’s site or app, you’ll earn TrueBlue rewards.

JetBlue, like most airline rewards programs, has gone to a spend based elite qualification model and points earning structure. And now, earning Mosaic status can be done through a combination of flying and credit card spend – making it quite flexible. Being a couple thousand “qualification miles” short of status on most airlines at the end of the year means being out of luck. But with Mosaic and a JetBlue credit card, you can put some extra Christmas presents on the card and earn the necessary tiles for qualification.

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