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Hertz – Gold Plus Rewards Overview

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Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is a loyalty program that allows frequent renters to earn points that can be redeemed for free car rentals, upgrades and additional benefits. It’s free to join and members can earn points for every car rental. Members also have priority access to the best cars in the fleet, car rental offers, discounts and reward rentals. This article will take a look at the benefits Hertz Gold Plus rewards provides to its customers, the tiers offered in this loyalty program, and additional incentives.

As a member you will earn points based on every dollar spent on car rentals. The higher the tier level you reach the more points per dollar you will earn as well as additional perks.


Gold: This is the first tier offered when you become a member. Points will only expire if you do not have any activity in your account for an 18 month period. Additional benefits include:

  • Earn 1 point per dollar spent.
  • Ultimate Choice: This perk will give you more flexibility in choosing exclusive vehicles offered to members. However, locations and tiers status level will have an impact to this incentive.
  • Free additional driver option.
  • Ability to skip going to the counter and go straight to your rental.
  • Tier benefit experience: You will have the option to be upgraded to Five Star status level for one day.

What Hertz Says About Sustainability

“Hertz recognizes the effect of our fleet and operations on the environment and we’re committed to reducing our global environmental impact related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy, water and waste. 
As a customer-centric company, we’re focused on making sure that our fleets align with regional customer vehicle preferences. Our fleet planning process uses proprietary customer rental data as well as consumer auto purchasing trends — related to make and model, trim and safety features, and engine types — to inform our annual buying decisions. Today, we are proud to offer one of the most popular, fuel-efficient fleets in the rental industry.” –

Read more about Hertz and their sustainability plans.

Five Star: In order to achieve this tier status you will need to either spend $2,000 or complete 10 rentals in a 12 month period (January 1 through December 31). All of the benefits offered in the Gold tier are included in addition to:

  • Earn 1.25 points per every dollar.
  • Increased chances of receiving an upgrade.
  • Tier benefit experience: Upgraded to the President’s Circle tier for one day.

President’s Circle: This third and final tier can be obtained if you complete 15 rentals or spend $3,000 in the 12 month period (January through Decemeber). All of the benefits offered in the first two tiers are included as well as:

  • Earn 1.5 points per every dollar spent.
  • Guaranteed upgrades.
  • Dedicated customer service line.

Redeeming points for car rentals

Hertz labels their rewards points in two different categories: AnyDay Rewards and Standard Rewards. AnyDay Rewards provide the flexibility to be used at any time, even during peak travel periods. They require more points for redemption than Standard Rewards which are still available during most times of the year but not as frequently during busy travel seasons. For a one day free car rental with Standard Rewards it’s average is listed as 950 points and AnyDay Rewards is 1,900. One way day rentals are listed with a higher price tag of 1,900 Standard and 3,800 for AnyDay points.

Top Three Credit Cards for Hertz Rentals

Click on each link below to see all current benefits and promotions.

Airline Partners

Hertz has 44 airline partners and allows its members to opt out of earning Gold Plus Rewards points and earn miles/points towards your preferred airlines rewards program instead. For the entire list of airlines associated with Hertz click here. Below is a list of a few selected airline partners and the break down of points you can earn.

  • Alaskan Airlines: Mileage plan members will earn 50 miles for every day rental from 1-4 days. Members will also earn 500 miles per rental of 5+ days.
  • American Airlines: AAdvantage members will earn one mile per dollar spent.
  • Delta: SkyMiles members with higher tier status will earn more points. Base members start at a 4-mile rate per dollar, Silver Medallion tier gets 5 miles per dollar, Gold Medallion earns 6 miles, Platinum status increases the mile payout to 7 miles per dollar and Diamond members receive 8 miles.
  • Spirit: Free Spirit members will earn 50 miles per rental day from 1-4 days. Or earn 500 miles per rental on 5+ days.
  • Southwest Airlines: Rapid Rewards members will earn 600 points per qualifying rental.

Hotel Partners

Hertz has partnered with a select group of hotels in order to give their members the ability to earn hotel points on every rental. These points can be used for free nights at any participating hotel partner. The list of partners is small but provides value to those who are more interested in free hotel stays than car rental days. Below is a comprehensive list of Hertz’s participating hotel partners and the points you can earn on each rental:

  • All Accor Live Limitless: Earn 3 ALL-Accor rewards points per Euro spent. Members can also earn 5 ALL-Accor rewards points per euro spent on EV rentals. Also a 10% discount is offered on rentals worldwide.
  • IHG: Members will earn 125 points per car rental day. Elite members earn 500 points per day.
  • Marriott Bonvoy: earn 500 points per rental.

Final Thoughts

Hertz Gold Plus rewards program does hold some value when considering a car rental loyalty program. The amount of points needed for a one day free rental is steep but not completely unreasonable. I like the fact that Hertz allows you to earn airline miles for rentals, but the short list of hotel partners is a negative aspect to this rewards program. Hertz may not give customers as much value as other programs in terms free car rental days, but they’re well known for their customer service, upgrades at higher tier levels and expanding EV fleet.

Editorial Note: Information and opinions articulated in this article are solely those of the author’s, not those of a credit card company, bank, airline or hotel chain. This article has not been reviewed or approved by or otherwise endorsed by any of these companies or organizations.

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