Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico for Unique Adventure

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Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a unique and unforgettable adventure for all types of travelers. With its picturesque mountain views, the city is perfect for hikers, skiers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the beauty of nature. For art lovers, Santa Fe has no shortage of galleries and museums that showcase works from international and local artists. And with its abundance of historical sites scattered throughout the area, visitors can learn more about our vibrant city’s cultural heritage as well. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled or relaxed getaway, Santa Fe will provide you with a memorable experience like no other.

An Outdoor Paradise

At over 7,000ft above sea level and surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Santa Fe, New Mexico is the perfect spot for people who love being outdoors. Its 320+ days of sunshine and fairly moderate temperatures lend itself to all kinds of adventure. From the Atalaya Mountain Trail to Ski Santa Fe, the city offers a variety of options for hikers, cyclists, and skiers alike. For an even bigger adventure, the Santa Fe Century is perfect for cyclists looking for something both scenic and challenging. And for those who just want to take a ride in nature’s embrace, the Dale Ball Trails and La Tierra Trails are great options.

Ski Santa Fe trees between Wizard & Big Rocks runs.
Ski Santa Fe trees between Wizard & Big Rocks runs.

Ski Santa Fe is a little known gem of the southern rockies that boasts the fourth-highest base elevation in North America — lifts start at 10,350ft. It has great terrain for beginners and intermediates, while expert skiers and riders will enjoy some of the best tree skiing in the west. And the mid-mountain Totemoff’s Bar & Grill offers local beers, great margaritas, a stellar green-chile stew and fresh, local tamales.

An Art Mecca

The city is a mecca for art lovers, with Canyon Road being one of the main hubs. This stretch of road is home to over 100 galleries, featuring an abundance of styles and mediums from international and local artists. Both emerging and recognized works get space here, making Canyon Road a popular destination for art aficionados. As a tribute to New Mexico’s roots in American art history, local institutions like Georgia O’Keefe Museum and Meow Wolf demonstrate the lasting impact the area has left on the nation as a whole. Not to mention the abundant number of historical sites scattered throughout the area. All together, these sites make sure prospective visitors get the full experience of all this vibrant city has to offer in regards to its artistic heritage.

Unique & Award Winning Spas

If you need a place to let go and relax, Santa Fe has several places for you. Ten Thousand Waves — a hotel and spa inspired by traditional Japanese architecture with exquisite rock gardens and both private or community hot tubs that provide a unique relaxation experience. And just south of town, the Ojo Santa Fe Resort at Sunrise Springs offers incredible treatments that use traditional local ingredients like New Mexican blue corn, cactus flower and sea salt scrub to give you an amazing experience that celebrates the culture of Santa Fe. And both resorts have been featured in Travel & Leisure’s Best Spa Destinations.

Ojo Santa Fe Resort from above. Photo: Ojo Santa F e Resort

A visit to Santa Fe is not complete without indulging in some mouth-watering flavors from both New Mexican and Mexican cuisine. El Callejon, a family-owned and run taqueria located a few blocks from The Santa Fe Plaza, offers some of the best tacos in town, exception ceviche, and a friendly vibe while you to sample flavors from across the border. Tomasita’s is a local favorite for New Mexican cuisine with its chile rellenos and enchiladas smothered in red or green chile. For traditional Mexican mole and James Beard award winning dishes, head over to Sazon – you won’t be disappointed.

There are plenty of reasons to love Santa Fe, and we hope this post inspires you to visit the city for yourself. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, relax, or eat delicious food, Santa Fe has something for everyone.

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