Delta Backtracks On SkyMiles Changes

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(Updated 10-19-2023 to include rollover MQM redeemable ratios and other new credit card details)

Last month Delta Air Lines announced sweeping changes to the SkyMiles program and the requirements for 2025 Medallion status qualification as well as limits on SkyClub access for Delta branded credit card holders. Today, Delta backtracked on many of the changes reducing the number of MQDs needed for elite status and updating the number of days (instead of individual visits) that credit card holders could access SkyClubs. Additionally, they’ve significantly upgraded the annual complimentary Medallion status that Million Miler flyers receive.

Medallion Status Qualification Levels

  • Silver Medallion status will require 5,000 MQDs (Medallion Qualification Dollars), instead of the previously announced 6,000.
  • Gold will require 10,000 MQDs instead of 12,000.
  • Platinum 15,000 MQDs, instead of 18,000
  • Diamond 28,000 MQDs, instead of 35,000

SkyClub Access for Delta Reserve & Reserve Business Cardholders

  • 15 days per year instead of 10 individual visits. This means all visits within a 24 hour period count as one day.
  • Access will be available beyond the 15 days allotted through a $50 fee.
  • Card members who spend $75K+ on their card in a calendar year are exempt from the 15 day limit, which is unchanged from the previous announcement. (The Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card from American Express will also be eligible for unlimited access after this spend level is achieved)
  • Medallion members will be able to purchase individual SkyClub membership for $695.
  • US Amex Platinum and Business Platinum card holders will receive 10 days per year, up from the previously announced six. (Note, this pertains to The Platinum Card, and The Business Platinum card, not the Delta Platinum)

Delta American Express Platinum and Reserve – MQD Bonus

Medallion members with a Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve card will now receive a “head start” 2,500 MQD credit at the beginning of the achieved medallion year. This puts cardholders half way to Silver status at the beginning of the year, making the case for card membership much stronger — and it’s nice that this comes without a spend requirement, which was part of the deal with MQM bonuses in the past.

Rollover MQMs

Although MQMs are going away, Delta will be offering additional options for cashing in MQM balances. So after your 2024 qualification miles are deducted from your MQM balance, any leftover “rollover” MQMs can be converted to MQDs (10:1), redeemable miles (2:1) or the newly announced additional years of status at your current level for 100K MQMs. So, if you’re Platinum now, and have 100K rollover MQMs or more, you’ll be able to extend your Platinum status for 2025 for 100K MQMs, or Gold, or what ever level you’ve achieved. You will have until 12/31/2024 to decide exactly how to use your rollover MQMs.

Additionally, there will be a few more “Choice Benefits” available for Platinums & Diamonds in the 2025 medallion year including a 1,000 MQD boost, 30,000 Skymiles to use or gift, $300 flight credit, and a new Wheels Up flight credit.

Higher Complimentary Medallion Status for Million Milers

Basically, Delta is upping Million Miler’s annual complimentary status by at least one level. 1M level flyers will go from Silver to annual Gold status. 2M will go from Gold to Platinum and 3M from Gold to Diamond. 4M level members will go from Platinum to Diamond and 5M level members and above will receive annual Delta 360° status.

This is welcome news for Delta’s most loyal flyers, and music to my ears since I recently earned Million Miler status with Delta. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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